Frequently Asked Questions


What type of firewood should I buy?

The best firewood for you depends on what you are going to use it for.

Type of Wood Burning Qualities Ambiance
Mixed Hardwood Gradual warmth, high heat Medium rate of burning Various scents
Oak Hot-burning fire, high heat Burns slowly, smoky and smoldering Rich yet mild and earth smell
Cherry Lights easily, medium heat Burns slowly and doesn’t give off a lot of smoke Pleasantly sweet fragrance

Close Up of Person Holding Firewood
Split Logs on Delivery Truck

How big is a cord of wood?

A face cord measures 4’ high, 8’ wide, and 16″ deep. It is straight stacked and not stacked in rows alternating in direction.

A full cord is equivalent to three face cords, totaling to 128 ft³ (4′ high, 8′ wide, 4′ deep)

What types of wood make up the Mixed Hardwood?

The Mixed Hardwood can include Cherry, Oak and Hard Maple.

How much wood should I buy?

Most of our customers purchase at least one face cord for the season. You may want to purchase more if you burn more than two fires weekly.

Where do you deliver?

We offer delivery services within a 20-mile radius from our location in Bartlett.

What is seasoned firewood?

Seasoned firewood has been dried out to a sufficiently low moisture content. Seasoning usually requires up to a year. Seasoned wood burns hotter, longer, and cleaner.

How do I start a fire in my fireplace?

How should I store my firewood?

Elevating the wood keeps ground moisture from soaking in the bottom portion of the firewood stack. It also allows the wind to blow around the stack, drying out the wood more efficiently.