Seasoned Wood Products

At Deeke’s, we have endless love for the outdoors. That’s just sort of how it goes for us lumberjacks. Every chance we get, we’re outside experiencing everything the land has to offer—the native trees in our area, the beauty of our gardens, and the warmth of an evening fire. Our seasoned wood products allow you to enjoy the outdoors, just like we do.

For decades, we have offered sustainably sourced, high-quality firewood, and mulch. Our seasoned wood products don’t contribute to deforestation or the destruction of natural habitats. We don’t grow trees just to cut them down, and we never import wood from other states. You can feel good about your landscape enhancements or enjoying some time by your fireplace.

Home Delivery

Our quality firewood and mulch delivered to your home or business

In-Store Pickup

Firewood available at our local boutique, Prestige Creative Markets for weekend pick up

Person Using Power Saw to Cut Tree Limb

Locally Sourced Firewood

Eco-friendly, sustainably sourced firewood made from local hardwoods

Stacked Firewood

Firewood Stacking

Upon delivery, our crew can stack your face cord of firewood for you

Close Up of Person Holding Mulch

Hardwood Organic Mulch

Premium, nutrient-rich mulch that protects your plants and trees

Man Shoveling Mulch

Mulch Installation

Get your mulch professionally installed by our experienced crew

Locally Sourced Firewood Delivery

Get high-quality firewood delivered right to your door. Schedule your delivery now.

Where our Seasoned Wood Products Come From

Deeke’s wood is harvested by our crew at Abbott Tree Care Professionals. All of our wood is ethically sourced and crafted from our customers’ tree removals. Together, we recycle the byproduct of our tree services instead of sending it to the landfill.

Once you get used to big-box store products, it can be hard to branch out.

Ask us why you should switch to locally sourced firewood and mulch instead.