Burning Firepit

Geneva Seasoned Wood

Level up your cozy nights by the fire with Deeke’s Geneva seasoned wood. We’ve taken the time to age our firewood so that you can count on a smooth and efficient burn. Upgrade your firewood game today and feel the difference- whether unwinding in front of the fireplace or cooking a meal for your loved ones.

Our Seasoning Process


We use ethically sourced wood from our friends at Abbott Tree Care.

Cut and Split

Split logs have more surface area, helping the wood dry more evenly.


Proper firewood stacking allows air to circulate around the wood.


Our wood is left to dry naturally in the open air for months on end.

Store and Burn

Once the wood is dried, it’s ready to be stored or used for burning.

Geneva Firewood Delivery

Get high-quality firewood delivered right to your door. Schedule your delivery now.

Seasoned vs.
Unseasoned Wood

  • Easier to light
  • Produces less smoke
  • Generates higher heat output
  • Burns longer
  • Use fewer logs
  • Creates a more aromatic fire
  • Produces cleaner ash
  • Minimizes risk of chimney fires
Firewood in Log Holder
Close Up of Person Holding Firewood

Cooking with
Seasoned Wood

Indulge in the unique taste of Deeke’s Geneva seasoned wood, the secret ingredient that takes your dishes to the next level with an unbeatable smoky flavor. Our dedication to quality means that our firewood is carefully dried for over six months, guaranteeing less moisture for an even better burn.

When our wood has less moisture, it’s easy to light and produces a hotter flame. This means you’ll get a cleaner fire and more even cooking temperatures. Say goodbye to those charred flavors and bland meals on the grill because Deeke’s Geneva seasoned wood opens up a new realm of delicious possibilities.

Our Seasoned Firewood


  • Produces superior heat with little smoke
  • Throws very few sparks and ideal for fireplaces


  • Produces rich and fruity fragrance when burned

  • A favorite for campfires, barbeques, and meat smokers


  • An assortment of hardwoods native to Illinois
  • Our most economical firewood option

Our Mixed Hardwood can include Cherry, Oak, Hard Maple, Locust, and Ash

When working with freshly cut or fallen wood, also known as green wood, it usually has about 50 percent moisture content. Burning this kind of wood is not a great idea for a few reasons. First off, its high moisture content makes it challenging to get a fire going and keep it burning. Plus, the smoke it produces doesn’t create the delicious flavor you get from seasoned wood. On top of that, it can bring down the temperature of your fire quite a bit. It’s better to avoid burning green wood if you want a successful and tasty fire.

Seasoned Firewood Stacking

When it comes to firewood, stacking it properly has some major perks. Not only does it dry out much faster, but it also stays nice and dry, which means it’ll last longer too. Lucky for you, our awesome crew can take care of the stacking for you. Whether you want it indoors or outdoors, just tell us where and we’ll make it happen. Don’t wait too long though, schedule your Geneva firewood delivery and stacking today!