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Roselle Firewood

Firewood is a staple for many families all year long. Deeke’s keeps you stocked with firewood, so you’re ready to sit by a campfire on a summer’s night or enjoy wintertime at home in front of the fireplace. We offer premium Roselle firewood that is locally grown, split, and seasoned. We have you covered whether you need a full face or half a cord.

Our Seasoned Firewood


Produces superior heat with little smoke

Throws very few sparks and ideal for fireplaces


Produces rich and fruity fragrance when burned

A favorite for campfires, barbeques, and meat smokers.



An assortment of hardwoods native to Illinois

Our most economical firewood option

Our Mixed Hardwood can include Cherry, Oak, Hard Maple, Locust, and Ash.

Seasoned Firewood Stacking

Properly stacked firewood cures faster, stays drier, and lasts longer than piled firewood. Upon delivery, our crew can stack the wood in any location you’d like, indoors or outdoors. Schedule your Roselle firewood delivery and stacking now.

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Firewood in Log Holder

A Quick Tip

Well-seasoned firewood usually has dark ends with visible cracks or splits. Unseasoned or green firewood may look wet and will lack these cracks. Our firewood material is dried and ready to use when you need it.

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Seasoned Hardwood for a Superior Burn

Not all firewood is created equal. The denser and drier the firewood, the better it will burn. Softwood is usually easier to source, meaning it has a more attractive price. They also produce more creosote, a residue that can clog your chimney flue and cause fires. We use hardwood to create our firewood because it has lower levels of sap and resin.

  • Burns longer and cleaner
  • Produces less smoke
  • Gives off more heat
  • Ignites quickly because it’s dry
  • Creates fewer sparks

Our firewood comes from local trees, so you never need to worry about deforestation when purchasing from Deeke’s. We work with our friends over at Abbott Tree Care throughout the year. Their crews gather wood while on the job. Instead of disposing of it, our team turns it into eco-conscious firewood.

Roselle Firewood Delivery

Get high-quality firewood delivered right to your door. Schedule your delivery now.

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